A stones throw from Castel San Pietro Terme, an original medieval town nestled between the old states of Emilia and Romagna, now noted for it’s Spa and the Settembre Castellano. Explore remnants of the Gothic line and the Imola Gran Prix race track, the past and the present crossing their traces.
We’re only 8 kilometres from Dozza, voted as one of the top 100 most beautiful small towns in Italy. This unusual place is noted for it’s antique spindle outline, overshadowed by an imposing fortified castle and softened by artistic murals painted on the town houses.
Our largest local city is Bologna, 18km away, one of the most beautiful cities in Italy and Europe. Let yourself be seduced by “La Dotta”, home to the one of the most historical universities in Europe, attended by Erasmo and Copernico. Here there were the workshops of such masters as Nicolò dell’Arca and Michelangelo. Indulge your taste buds in “La Grassa”, this “small Paris” of porticoes, food, taverns and songwriters.
Further afield but still only 45km away you’ll find Ravenna. This Unesco world heritage site is a paleochristian and byzantine pearl. Amongst culture, nature and relaxing, here you’ll pass from the mosaics “chiaroscuro” to the shade of the Delta del Po Regional Park and onto the sunlit beach resorts of Ravenna.
We’re also 6km from the Resort of Palazzo Varignana, 15km from the Villaggio della Salute waterpark and 7km from Castelguelfo Outlet shopping centre. Wellness and shopping lovers have to stop there.